Best Places to put Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are used as part of an eight-week smoking cessation/rehabilitation program to inject about 21 milligrams (mg) per day of nicotine to the bloodstream and about 14 mg per day for the next five to six weeks. It is an effective nicotine replacement therapy though with side effects if used in large amounts.

It is an adhesive bandage that releases a measured dose of nicotine into the skin, helping to wean smokers off their nicotine addiction and lessen the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Nicotine transdermal patches are effective replacement therapy available for smokers that need rehabilitation.

but the question remains  Рcan nicotine patches go anywhere on your body?

Best Places to put Nicotine Patches

Though it doesn’t make much difference where the nicotine patches are applied, but hey! you need to put this in considering when placing a transdermal patch on your skin.

  • Skin Sensitivity
  • The texture of the Skin
  • Proximity to the Bloodstream
  • The warmness of the area

Nicotine transdermal patch looks more like a layer of plastic and made to look like a bandage with different sizes. These patches are extremely sticky (though skin oil reduces its effectiveness) you need to place it where you are comfortable and away from skin hair oil and moist to avoid it rolling over or falling off.


based on the above criteria, the best places to put in a nicotine patch will be

  1. Inside of your forearm
  2. The back of your knees
  3. Under your arms
  4. Around your left Shoulder (closer to your heart )
  5. You hip
  6. upper butt cheek

Some other absurd places to apply a nicotine patch are the mouth, lips, eyes, gums, tongue, mouth, rectum, etc

Worst places to apply a nicotine patch would be under your feet or face.

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