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How to Check Glo Data balance

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glo data price

How to check Glo data balance on your phone? There are 4 ways to check your Glo data balance which are either, through SMS Shortcode, Dialing a Shortcode, Via USSD or via the Glo Selfservice Portal

How to check Glo data balance on your Phone

On your glo network enable phone dial the USSD short Dial *777# or *127*0# select your current subscription plan > Choose “Manage data” > Select “data balance” and wait for a message from the network showing your current data balance.

Note that this Glo data inquiry code & message will work on Android, iPhone, internet enabled device

How to check Glo data balance on your modem

You can check the Balance of your Glo internet subscription (data balance) via SMS, simply send “INFO” without the quotes as a message to 127 then wait for a reply message from the network containing all the information you need to know about your current Glo internet subscription such as expiry date and remaining MB

How to check Glo data balance online

You can check your Glo data balance online by visiting Glo Selfservice Portal

How To Check Your Data Balance and Other Freebies on Glo Bounce

To check your data balance, simply dial #122# and you can check your account directly by dialing #124*1#

Quick Steps to check your glo data balance

Dial *777# or SMS INFO to 127 or Just dial *127*0#.

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