How to Call Nigeria from USA for free

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Need to call Nigeria from the United States? or Do you need to Keep in touch with relatives and associates in Nigeria, Calling Nigeria is now easier than ever before.

How To call Nigeria from USA

For example, from USA to a subscriber in Abuja (Nigeria);

Just follow these simple dialing directions:
011 + 234 + City Code + Phone Number

Incoming International Calls from USA to Nigeria 011
International prefix to be dialed by a US subscriber to get access to their international exchange
Country Code of Nigeria
Mobile Telecom Code
Directory number of Abuja subscriber

Using the format above

  1. First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  2. Next dial 234, the country code for Nigeria.
  3. Then dial the area code (1–2 digits — applicable for landlines only).
  4. Finally dial the phone number (5–7 digits for landlines or 10 digits for mobile phones)

Calling Nigeria from US : Major Cities, City Codes

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How to dial to Nigerian Landline from USA:

The Format for making a call from US to a landline in Lagos (Nigeria) is 011 234 1 ??? ????

For Example 011 234 1467345 where

  • 011 is the US Exit Code
  • 234 is the Nigeria International Dialing Code
  • 1467345 is the Nigerian Landline

How to dial to Nigerian Mobile Phone from USA:

The format for calling a Nigerian Mobile Phone from US is: 011 234 XX XXXX XXXX?
where XX XXXX XXXX is the mobile number eliminating the first “0” digit
For Example 011 234 7069453600 where

  • 011 is the US Exit Code
  • 234 is the Nigeria International Dialing Code
  • 07069453600 is the Nigerian Mobile Number (remember we eliminated the first digit “0” when dialling”

Nigeria Telcom Facts
International country code – 234
satellite earth stations – 3 Intelsat (2 Atlantic Ocean and 1 Indian Ocean)
fiber optic submarine cable (SAT-3/WASC) provides connectivity to Europe and Asia

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