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How to Check Access Bank Account Number via whatsapp and social media

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Lost your atm, or is your atm expired and you want to check your Access Bank Account Number, it quite simple but you will be left with only one way of retrieving it. because all other ways of getting your access bank account number listed on this post require you to have access to your atm to proceed, ie.:

So in this guide, I will show you how to check your access bank account without ATM Card and without going to the bank.

Retrieve your Access Bank Account  Number Via Whatsapp

Life has gotten easier, now that Access Bank has brought banking closer to you on WhatsApp, it is quite easy and non-intrusive.

To check your Access Bank Account Number on Access WhatsApp, all you need to do is, add the mobile number- 09090901901, as a contact on their mobile device. Note: customers must use the number registered to their personal accounts with the Bank. After then, chat “HI” to activate the service

All service requests on Access WhatsApp are treated instantly, and the speed of transaction is dependent only on the internet connection of the user.  Other Services you can access via the Access WhatsApp Banking platform include; BVN display, Balance Enquiry, Request Payday Loan, and Account Opening.

Retrieve your Access Bank Account  Number Via Social Media

You get your access bank account number via Twitter by following and chatting with @accessbank_help, while the @myaccessbank provides financial services to people that love financial success, music, food & the good life.

Like it or not, but Twitter is the best platform that you can easily get them to attend to you fast, just tag their two handles above, and you will get a DM or reply from them soonest.

On Facebook, you can quickly contact them via @AccessBankPlc. They actually called me back after reaching out to them on this issue.

Note you will be asked to provide several data which I have listed in this post so read it.

Get your Account Number Via Email and Live Chat

You can request your Account number as an Access Bank customer by sending a message containing your name, complaints, and issues to [email protected] or via Live chat on their official website.

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