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How to Share or Gift Data on Glo 4g Network

Glo has made it possible to 3G or 4G share your data plan with friends, family and loved ones. You can buy a glo data bundle and share with your wife, siblings or employees instead of buying four different data plans. This is provides flexiblity and accountability of data usage, because you can buy large glo data bundle at subside rate and share. The most interesting part is every one you share glo data with gets notified via sms confirming their ability to access the internet immediately.

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There are three (3) was to transfer, share of gift data on the glo network, either through the glo web app found on, through dialing a USSD code or through sms. This ways of sharing glo data are applicable to all data plan, including the Glo Bis plan.

Difference between Glo Data Gifting and Glo Data Sharing

  1. Glo data gifting is a way of paying and sending a data to a friends or employees as a ‘gifts’.Note: Youll’ can share in the data you gift out The gift recipient will be notified via customized SMS.
  2. Glo data sharing enables you share your a single data plans with anyone you add. This limits the number of data plans you need to buy to cater for their needs.

share glo data

How to gift, share or Transfer your GLO DATA PLAN

To gift, share or transfer a glo data subscription, dial 127Data Plan Codereceiver’s number#
for example *127
i.e Data Plan Code “53” activates the Always Micro data plan and transferred to 0807012xxxx as a gift

How to Share, Gift or Transfer Glo Data or Blackberry Internet service (Glo BIS) Data plan Via SMS

To gift glo bis data via SMS, text “Gift ( Data plan code) (receivers’s glo number)” to 127

i.e SMS “Gift Always Micro 0807012xxxx” to 127 will gift an Always Micro data plan to 0807012xxxx

How to add people to Share Your Glo Data Plan Via SMS

To add people to share your subscription, text “Share (receiver’s glo number)” to 127 or dial 12701*[friend’s number]#

i.e SMS “share 0807012xxxx” to 127, the phone number 0807012xxxx will be added to share your subscription.


To REMOVE people from sharing your Glo Data Plan Via SMS or USSD

SMS “Remove (receiver’s Glo number)” to 127 or dial 12702*[friend’s number]# to unshare data on glo

To LIST people sharing Glo Data subscription

SMS “Sharers” or “List” to 127. or dial 12700#

Useful USSD and SMS CODE for Glo Data Sharing

This a glo data sharing cheat sheet for easy data management

2To gift a glo data subscriptiondial *127*Data Plan Code*receiver's Glo number#SMS "Gift ( Data plan code) (receivers's glo number)" to 127
3To add people to share you glo datadial *127*01*[receiver's Glo number]#text "Share (receiver's glo number)"
4TO remove people from sharing your Glo Datadial *127*02*[receiver's Glo number]#SMS "Remove (receiver's Glo number)"
5To list people sharing your Glo Datadial *127*00#SMS "Sharers" or "List" to 127

note this works for all android data plans too

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