Gionee phones are known for their long-lasting battery even when you are running many processes at the same time. But it could be really frustrating when you discover your gionee phone is not charging or discharging gradually when connected to a charger or stuck at a certain battery percentage for hours or in fact not charging atall.
You are not alone, many gionee user are facing the same fate. Probably you have rushed out to buy a new charger or new battery and the problem still persist.
In this post you’ll learn to troubleshoot your gionee phone before even spending a dime buying any replacement part.

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Charging and Discharging Problems of Gionee Phones

Are you a Gionee user, you might have experienced:-

  • Phone won’t charge when it is plugged in
  • Phone charges very slowly
  • Phone is Discharging despite being connected to a power source
  • Not enough power especially when charging using a PC (via USB cord) or from a faulty charger.
  • Connect or Disconnect from charger usually caused by Bad USB port ie “A broken USB Charging port”
  • Bad charger: If the charger is faulty or not powerful enough then you can expect something like this.
  • The last But not the least, “Battery too cold – Disconnect Charger” this is what I experienced personally when looking for a replacement battery for my Gionee M5 Mini
    When you notice any of this issue in gionee phone take this steps to acertain the curprit

Troubleshooting a Gionee Charging Issue

  1. Make sure the USB Cable with a firm contact to your charging Port
  2. Switch Usb cable and try charging it again. (Use a Gionee Cable even if with a Power Bank)
  3. Test in with a different gionee charger specifically for your phone model
  4. Consider changing the USB port if it looks loose, cracked or damaged in any way
  5. Test it with different power source either by using a generator or waiting for nepa light or plugging it in a UPS or Power Stabilizer
  6. Full Reset your phone after backing up your data or Flash the stock ROM back to the phone
  7. Boast the battery first of all with a desktop charger to be sure the battery is working.
    If all fails try a different battery.

How To Fix Battery Charging, Discharging and Overheating in Gionee Phones

Based on my vast experience as an avid gionee user, here are tested and trusted ways to fix your gionee phone charging problem

  1. Charger: Always use the recommend the genuine Charger for your phone model.
  2. ROM Issues: If you flashed a custom ROM / Firmware upgrade with power efficiency bugs then you have another possible reason.
  3. Heavy Usage During Charging: Stop all battery intensive processes running on the background while charging. This can be achieve the restarting the phone before plugging in the charger or shutting down the phone totally while charging (charge while the phone is switch off).
  4. Bad battery: After fair usage gionee batteries losses the ability to retain charge this cause fast drainage, which necessitate your to get a new battery for your phone. But ensure your get a genuine replacement.

How To Care For Gionee Battery Life, Thereby Prevent Future Occurrence

  1. Use Genuine Gionee phone charger.
  2. Avoid charging your device using a PC or low power source.
  3. Employ good battery management practices.
  4. Avoid frequent usage of phone while charging to avoid twisting or startling the USB jack
  5. Take Care not to force in the charger into the USB port in the wrong direction.

Charging Gionee Mobile Phones with a Power Bank

Always use the original Gionee cable with the power bank to avoid short-circuiting your device or damaging your charging port

Here are few things that might occur eventually when using a non-compatible (fake chargers) on your gionee devices

  • Over Heating Your phone might heat up real fast due to improper current output by the charge.
  • Snail Speed Charging : Have ever plug your phone to a charger a saw something like this “charging …… 15hrs 30mins left” this is likely due to a bad or third party charger used to charge your phone. Some Gionee devices are made with advance fast charging systems that powers their high capacity battery, which can only work with the recommended chargers.
  • Reduced battery life span: The cost of an Original gionee battery or the stress to get genuine a new one will make your adhere to using this.
  • Overheating caused by improper charger usage may reduce the life span of the phone.
  • It may cause the phone to charge very fast and discharge even faster.
  • Have your heard of samsung phone bursting into flame… take care this is not applicable only to gionee user alone, but bad battery charging style may cause your battery to swell.
  • Even when you resume using your gionee charger the damage would have been done thus your battery will no longer last the way it used to.
  • It may cause damage to your charging port.

Always endeavor to use genuine gionee charger for your gionee mobile phone, even if other manufacturers chargers with the same rating fits in.
Treat your gionee battery with care to avoid stories that touches the heart

we learn from experience … have you experience any charging or battery issue with your gionee phone, please share by dropping a comments below. Thanks


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