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Top Rehabilitation Centers in Nigeria

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Top Rehabilitation Centers in Nigeria

Is There A Drug Rehab Center In Nigeria with a high rate of success? these are questions asked by many but If you are looking for Drug Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy Hospital or Addiction Recovery centers near you in Nigeria, sit tight and read as we list some of the best reputable drug addiction rehabs offering quality services.

Drug rehabilitation often referred to as ‘Rehab’ is the process of medical treatments for dependency on psychoactive substances like alcohol, street illegal drugs, and prescription drugs. Getting admitted into rehab is one of the best options.

3 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing A Drug Rehab Facility

Advanced healthcare technology implemented by Medical professionals and researchers in rehab centers in Nigeria has proven to provide top-rated treatment for addicts when compared to international rehab centers. With various programs and costs, it is best to make a choice before-hand the program that suits your needs.

Here are three (3) things to consider

Do your personal research for best Rehab

Due diligence is the watchword here in choosing a drug treatment or rehab center here in Nigeria. Get on social media, search blogs asked for referrals from former drugs addict or medical counselors. By doing so, you should have streamlined the top-rated drug rehabilitation around your area.

Learn more about the different types of rehab programs in Nigeria

There are different types of rehab programs available in Nigeria and familiarizing yourself with them will help you know the pros and cons of each rehab program or addiction recovery services available, making it very easy to decide which best meets the addict’s needs.

Consider your Budget

Medical Care comes with enormous financial implication, getting to know the cheapest rehab program that fits your need can be one the best thing you ever consider in considering a rehab center in Nigeria

Types of Rehabilitation Programs in Nigeria

  1. A&E Physiotherapy
  2. Drugs Rehabilitation
  3. Back and Neck Pain
  4. Burns Rehabilitation
  5. Ergonomics and Management of Work-related Musculoskeletal Injuries
  6. Falls and Mobility
  7. Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy
  8. Lymphoedema Management
  9. Manual Therapy Clinic
  10. Neurology/ Neurosurgery (Physiotherapy)
  11. Oncology (Physiotherapy)
  12. Osteoarthritis and Adult Reconstruction (Physiotherapy)
  13. Osteoporosis (Physiotherapy)
  14. Outpatient Chest Therapy

Best Rehabilitation Centers including List of Addiction Recovery in Nigeria and their Locations

  2. Aidylconcept ltd
  3. Anti Narcotics Revolutionary Chaplaincy
  4. BSA Hearing And Speech Centre
  5. Falade Traditional Medicine Center
  6. Guiding Light Foundation
  7. Kinectic hospital and Drug Rehabilitation center
  8. Lagos Cheshire Home
  9. Mendie Surveys
  10. Nigerian Child Welfare Fund
  11. Nightingale Foundation
  12. OAC Tech- Drug Rehabilitation
  13. Ndlea rehabilitation center
  14. Hebron House Drug Rehabilitation Centre
  15. Well Spring rehabilitation Centre
  16. House of Refuge Rehabilitation Centre
  17. Physiofit Physiotherapy Clinic
  18. RCCG Rehabilitation Centre
  19. Ralphasal Global Limited
  20. Sinas Survey and Spatial Data Nigeria Limited
  21. Skky Dental Services Limited
  22. Solid Foundation Hospital Limited
  23. Stayfit100
  24. Synapse Services
  25. Tobi Convalescent Home
  26. Tomplace Eye Clinic
  27. Wellpath Physiotherapy And Wellness Limited


10 Best Rehabilitation Centers in Nigeria with Contacts

Physiofit Physiotherapy ClinicPlot 4, Block 1, Agric Road, Fagba, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, Nigeria08033273197
Anti Narcotics Revolutionary ChaplaincyElder Sunny Estate, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria08098165111
Falade Traditional Medicine CenterPlot 895 A, Jikwoi Phase 4, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria08033807325
Ralphasal Global Limited14, Owela Street, Maitama, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria08187015239
Synapse Services Limited 24, Bujumbura Street, Wuse 2, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria07059637431
Mendie Surveys 28, Atimbo Road, Calabar Municipal, Cross River State, Nigeria07036909376
Iblawy Investment Company Gbadamosi Street, Ota Ona, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria08054132588
Sinas Survey and Spatial Data Nigeria Limited 35, Ondo Road, Isinkan, Akure South, Ondo, Nigeria08034642100
Guiding Light Foundation 10, Pipeline, Satellite Village, Oyigbo, Rivers State Nigeria08092134923
Stayfit100Isale Haruna Street, Off College Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria08139166949


This is not an exclusive list, it just the once we could get more information about… have you been to a rehabilitation center in  Nigeria or experience their services, lets here you… as you comment, discuss and share this post as you could save a life

32 thoughts on “Top Rehabilitation Centers in Nigeria”

  1. I have a cousin that was using tramadol for a period of 8 months to solve premature ejaculation & igbo (indian helm) due to bad influence for a short time until he decided to stop for fear of their negative effects. He is now suffering from serious nervousness, anxiety,severe abnormal headache & chest pounding or fast heartbeat that causes confusion restless leg & general restlessness.We’re worried bcos we don’t the extent it is getting for him to know if it is leading to serious mental problem.Please we need to hear from you.

      1. Thanks for you kindness may I use this opportunity to ask for related help my so 19 yrs went to Unizik 2012 since the he is taking different drugs back home pls how can I get help of an affordable rehab home for him to get himself back normal before it get out of hand. Pls. Thanks my number 08035926376

  2. Hi. I have a friend addicted to pentazocine injection. It started as a remedy for severe ulcer pains she use to have. But now she cannot do without it.
    She takes two ampoules at once at least 5 times daily. She’s tried to stop but she feels very sick each time she tries. It’s like d injection is now her source of strength. Pls which rehab centre is closest to osogbo in osun state. Where she can overcome this addiction with the help of medical professionals. Expecting your favourable reply soon. Thanks.

    1. So sorry for replying late. I think you should contact this at Selim Akindele, a Physiotherapist at LAUTECH Teaching Hospital in Osogbo or visit St Mary’s Rehab & Development Centre,Ipetumodu, Osun State, Nigeria

  3. Hi, I have a brother that been on alcohol, cigarettes and Indian hemp for more 20 years now. He got drunk everyday. Everyone in the family are tired of him. Please is any rehab in Akure, Ondo State?

  4. Please I need a rehab for my brother it’s getting out of hand now cos he takes tons to sell and before u know he will go into robbery to get this drugs he stays in port Harcourt I need help urgently pls

  5. I would appreciate it if you can recommend the best drug rehabilitation centres in Lagos for me.. I have my older brother who is out of control and would do and sell anything for a drink.. We don’t have parents anymore, hence, this is very important for me please. Could you please contact me via my email? [email protected]
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

  6. Hello. My name is Jennifer, I’m live in Abuja. Pls my sister needs help urgent! She is SS and(…….) she became addicted to pentazocine and now I’m afraid if we don’t get help for her she will end up dying! Pls I need a good rehab centre in Abuja that can help her get clean because as I speak to you she is out there killing herself! Pls reply back as soon as possible. This is my number (07038356612

  7. Hello there, I have a sister that has an addiction to alcohol. I have just called the attention of the rest of my family and we are trying to find an affordable rehab for her in Lagos. The options we have seen so far is on the high side, cost wise, and i dont want this to slow down the process of getting her into a program. Please can you suggest any cheaper rehab center in Lagos. Thanks.

  8. Hello
    Thanks for the article
    I was wondering if there is a good drug rehabilitation center in ABA, portharcourt or Owerri.

  9. I have a brother who is addicted to drug when they did not give him money he started misbehaving. He has stole everything to get the drug. Nothing is left yet he’s demanding and ready to kill. Please we need rehabilitate center that is cheap and affordable with quick result

    1. where are you located? so I could refer you to a specialist rehab that can reverse your brother’s dependency on drugs. You never mentioned the type of drugs…. or am I missing something

  10. Please my brother is addicted to marijuana and other higher substance I don’t know their names for over 20 years. It has cost us a lot. Please we need a rehab center within Imo state. Thanks and remain blessed. Very urgent.

  11. Hi,
    I live in Canada, I am a counselling psychology student, and I thought we do not have rehabs in Nigeria until I stumbled upon your post.
    Please could you explain to me if the government is involved in assisting people with treatment like in other countries of the world and if the government or private individuals own the rehabs and the cost for a three-month treatment plan?
    Thank you
    email [email protected]

  12. Rehab center mainly deals with some programs that offer mental health, eating disorder, and sex addiction treatment along with drug. It helps victim recovering from the devastating effects of addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders.

    Thank you for the list of rehabilitation centers.

  13. Hi please, I need an affordable rehab center that doesn’t torture within the north. My brother is into different types of drugs

  14. Hello I have issues of cocaine crack and other hard drugs addiction and I don’t like my life and the way it’s going. I need help

  15. Hi! I need urgent help for my son. He is 19 yrs and into drugs like codeine,loud,skush and the rest even does yahoo. This is giving me fear and sleeplessness. Pls recommend an affordable rehab for me in Lagos. I took him to one sometimes but he came back and started again. Pls help me.

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