Fastest Way to Activate & Reset GOTV After Payment

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  • Have you tried recharging your GoTv to watch your favorite programme and it takes forever for your gotv to activate?
  • switching your decoder off and one at intervals, rescanning etc.
  • or Have you recharged your daddy’s GoTv decoder only to be told after several hours have gone by that they are still staring at the E16 Error code being displayed?

if you have been in this situation before, you’ll know how frustrating it could be,  just because of the fear of losing your N2500 or the trust your relative had for you.

Imagine, telling your spouse that you recharged the GoTv via your mobile phone while in the office and here you are still staring at the blank screen.

GOTV not resetting your account after payment is a general issue and in this guide, I will show your methods I use to ensure I get activated in less than 30mins after payment.

How to Reset GOTV after Payment

You can buy data on your mobile phone and get activated instantly, but not in the case of Gotv Subscription, it is always a hit or miss, but there are several ways of saving yourself from headache and unnecessary activation delays

There are two (2) Methods you can use to reset your Gotv Decoder with your mobile phone, if you have not been activated in10mins  after payment

Activate your Gotv using USSD Code

  • Dial *423# or *288*1# on your mobile phone
  • A prompt request will come up. It reads “Assistance from Customer Care” You can then speak with the customer service representative

Activate your Gotv using Via SMS on your Phone

To activate via text message. see instruction below

  • Send an SMS “reset Your GOTV account number” to 4688 and wait for your subscription to be activated

How to reset GOtv online

Apart from using your phone, you can also reset your GOtv decoder online via your desktop computer.

  1. Go to and select your country of residence (i.e Kenya, Ghana or Nigeria from the list of countries
  2. Click Sign in and enter your login details. i.e. Your Surname (last name) or your phone number, as well as your IUC number.
  3. Click on ‘Clear your error’ and select the error that you are currently experiencing.
  4. Please make sure that your decoder is turned on and then click ‘Reset device now’ to reset your decoder.

You can use this link to clear your error code

How to reset GOtv with your myGotv android app

  1. Launch your myGotv app on your Android Phone
  2. Sign in with your Surname or Phone number followed by you IUC Number if you haven’t signed in before
  3. Click on the Fix icon on the bottom of the screen
  4. select the error you have on your gotv and clear it.

Note: Before attempting any of the methods above, ensure that your GOTV IUC number is handy.

What to Do if This Method doesn’t work

If you have tried all the methods above and it doesn’t work, do not panic. Contact GOtv Customer Care, so that they can perform the GOtv reset remotely. Here is a comprehensive list of Gotv Customer Care Contact Phone Number, Social Media Handles, Email Account, and Local Address based on countries

for Nigerians

go to the company’s Twitter or Facebook (@GOtvNg) handle to escalate the matter, write an e-mail to [email protected], or call +234 803 904 4688, but be prepared to wait more than an hour on the phone waiting to speak with customer service personnel.

Tips to Avoid Delays in Activating your GoTv Subscription

Based on many complains from Gotv subscribers and my personal experience, here are some precautions to avoid delays in resetting your  Gotv Subscription after payment

  • It is always better to visit your local Gotv Office to pay for a subscription, carrying along your decoder to confirm that you have been subscribed before leaving – this is to avoid stories that touch the heart
  • If you must pay online, using the official gotv platform or gotv android app which allows you to subscribe using your MasterCard or Visa card and reset your account instantly.
  • always make sure you make payment during the official working hours (i.e. 8 am-4 pm) this makes it possible to get attention from their customer care if the need arises
  • stay away from 3rd Party Gotv Subscription apps like your online bank app etc. I had a case with Jumia One app, where I made payment for my dad’s gotv subscription, and I was never credit, contacting Jumia with my payment reference ID, I was told the payment was processed, but returning to Gotv customer care, I was told they haven’t received such payment. Till now the issue hasn’t be resolved, so not be like me, avoid third party gotv subscription app.
  • Make Gotv Subscription Payment before your due date, I wrote a guide here on how to check your due date

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