GOTV Expiry Date: How to check your Gotv due date

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Checking your GoTV Subscription due date is a lot easier than your think, just arm yourself with your iuc number and it is A GO. You can either check subscription expiring date via SMS or via the GoTV easy self service portal.



To check GoTV Expiring date via SMS, please follow the steps below;

  1. On your Mobile Phone
  2. SMS “Balance” followed by IUC number to 4688.
  3. An SMS with your GOTV expiring Date will be sent to you.


To your check your Gotv due date, simply text: DD followed by your decoder IUC No to 4688.


To check GoTV Due Date online, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your phone number or Surname followed by your IUC number
  3. click on eazy self service
  4. From the eazy self service – Scroll Down and click on view my account
  5. Your Gotv Subscription plan, expiring date and other account details will be displayed.

76 thoughts on “GOTV Expiry Date: How to check your Gotv due date”

  1. I have paid 4hr back, I wanted to watch church service, but the service is about to get, no any response, please check. My decoder no 2028632403.

    1. I did a subscription like two days ago and its not working. Please help me check for the error , Iuc number is 7035286448

  2. Gd day.

    I mistankinly paid twice to gotv with iuc_2019307311 can you help me to double my subscription for two month if posible or I get a refund if not possible. Thanks.

      1. Elebua Afebuamhe Shaibu

        Please help me check and confirm my last Gotv Max payment(#4800) I did a month ago but I have been placed yet still on Gotv Jolli subscription (#3300).
        My Gotv name (as a family) is SARAH ELEBUA and IUC number is 2028667299..
        Thank you.

  3. Pls i subscriber twice on my gotv max and what m seeing in my account is a month subscription can one month be reversed back thanks serial no 7032730550…. phone 07033533000

  4. I haven’t subscribe to my GOTV since over 3 year ,,,and I just sub on it but fortunately it not work,,,wat am I gonna do

  5. I mistakenly subscribed my gotv two times a day, my wife did it at ur outlet and I did it on line my iuc 2028943885 what are you going to do.

  6. I subscribe to my gotv is not display anything for me than my subscription as expired and I have made another subscription today please gotv what is the matter, here is IUC 7018709019

  7. Priscilla mulenga

    My dad mistakenly paid less for the gotv value package and later added the remaining balance, we’ve tried reconnecting online because it shows that our gotv account has money but still can’t get through because it requires us to pay again, please help. 4623334468 is the smart number

  8. Type here..I have paid my gotv plus subscription, waiting for an upgrade but nothing has happened. please check it for me.

  9. A little disappointed, it has take quite long before the channels are back back. IUC no. 7031832130. The helpline no ain’t going through

  10. I subscribed my govt 1900 this morning around 3am and my Mummy’s gotv 1250 yesterday , we still dont have access to it by 2pm. You promise us fast service and u still dont give us the quality service. Please do the needfull
    7004996973. 3am
    4620827250. 9pm



    IUC NO. 2021962695
    SURNAME: Miracle Bright

  12. Good morning, please I subscribed my gotv yesterday and until now is not up…this is my IUC no. 4601632633

  13. I done my subscription since yesterday I still don’t have access to it pls I need help here is my iuc number 2028570924 pls

  14. Precious Amauwa

    Please l use my account to subscribe for my gotv package but it’s still showing clear e16 code what should I do luc number is 2019192396

  15. Nelson MacDonald

    Pls I subscribed for gotv max #3200 today 29/03/2020 but its not showing the 91 channels it’s showing only #1900 gotv plus channels,plz check and correct all errors/update my channel list/ upgrade

  16. Please I paid for value on 2020798055 but it hasn’t shown. Online help says my account has been suspended. Please help us.

  17. Ummi Bukar kumshe

    I have subscribe yesterday it refuse to open up I have to resubscribe today but is only Arewa 24 that is open my IUC no is 7017636238

    1. Please do something about it.. channels like African magic, Africa magic Yoruba are not working at iuc number

  18. Good day I subscribe my mom Gotv 2days ago I did the first one in the afternoon it did not work so I did it again in the evening around 5:28 not quiet long it came up & I was debited on my account 1900 but when I check my account balance it shown that 4000 left so which means the first one was debited but I did not get an alert so from the second one the 2 was collected pls help me I need a reverse or can it be transfer to another Gotv account pls this is the iuc no of the one I recharge 7034895093, now the iuc no I want it to be transfer to 7026471747 thanks or if it can be reverse to my account I will appreciate it thank u

  19. Please I subscribed to my account and i’m still seeing 0 available balance and disconnected 7528061297

    What do I do. Please

  20. Obanya Augustine

    I recharged my gotv on 12 of February and it got expired on 2 of march why is it is my iuc number 7530502897

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